A.P.C – New for Mr Stitch

Here at Mr & Mrs Stitch we always seek to bring you the most distinguished brands and we are excited to introduce esteemed French brand A.P.C online! We’re sure you’ll love A.P.C’s subtle and understated designs just as much as we do!

The beginnings of this storied brand can be traced to 1987 when famed founder and designer, Jean Touitou, embarked on a trip to Barcelona but unfortunately lost his luggage on the way. As Touitou searched for a quality jean to replace his stray luggage, he became increasingly dissatisfied with the offering available to him and such was his discontent he decided to create his own jeans which would accentuate the quality of the denim above inexpressive fashion.

This moment signalled the birth of A.P.C but Touitou was the recipient of a roll of high-quality Japanese selvedge denim from a designer friend and this can undoubtedly be termed as the most pivotal moment in the formation of the company. Upon receiving this denim, Touitou tracked down the weaver and the contract between the two underpins A.P.C’s production. The fusion of this distinctive denim with Toutiou’s Swedish minimalism, an influence from his upbringing, can be credited with creating the uniquely cool look which has made A.P.C the acclaimed brand it is today.APC grey crew neck kniited sweatshirt on display

The minimalist approach to fashion which A.P.C employs is most visible within this wool knitted sweater as it illustrates A.P.C guiding philosophy of pairing refined style with elegance. A jumper which can be adapted to suit any form of occasion, this subtle piece certainly correlates with Toutiou’s stated aim of creating clothes which are ‘unfailingly appropriate.’APC crew neck sweatshirt A.P.C’s focus on the use of only the most premium materials is evidenced within this light grey sweatshirt, and the combination of these materials along with a meticulous design process, ensures exceptional stitching and assures an understated Parisian look.

apc indigo denim jacketDespite their conservative philosophy, A.P.C can still offer a different take on traditional wardrobe staples as this dark denim jacket is constructed with a firm, dark denim which allows for a robust but stylish fit.

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