Jacob Cohen

In the sphere of fashion there are innumerable designers who proclaim to be purveyors of quality but there is no brand that is quite so synonymous with excellence than Jacob Cohen. It is a testament to the calibre of the denim that the jean is one of the most sought after here at Mr & Mrs Stitch.

1985 marks the year of conception of this revered brand but the genesis of Jacob Cohen as a truly deluxe brand arrived in 2003. It was then that Nicola Bardelle, son of original founder Tito, transformed the brand with his innovative creativity and placed the jeans in opulent retailers globally.

Hailing from the Venetian heartlands of Italy, each pair of jeans is an illustration of masterful Italian craftmanship. This is reflected in the impeccable tailoring that can only be attained with an assiduous hand and when combined with use of the only the most premium fabrics helps to exude an unmistakeable Italian elegance.

This signature elegance is demonstrated by the J622 red-stitch comfort jeans which offer a tranquil and pleasurable fit thanks to super-soft fabrication. Such a premium jean represents the pinnacle of impeccable craftmanship.

Display of Jacob Cohen j622 jeans



























Arguably the most unique feature of Jacob Cohen jeans is their distinctive production process which prohibits the use of harsh chemicals and such an effort is demonstrated through the J688 mid-rise comfort jeans. A rich shade of blue, the marvellous finish of this jean enhances it’s quality even further.

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Versatility is a quality that we seek from the majority of pieces in our wardrobe and Jacob Cohen jeans are apt for those seeking a year-round staple. Appropriate for a brief trip into town but also smarter occasions, the stylish durability of the blue J688 comfort jeans  assures an elegance whatever your purpose be work or leisure.

Display of Jacob Cohen j688 jeans



























To view our full collection of Jacob Cohen, visit us at Rio Brazil or shop online at Mr & Mrs Stitch.

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