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The idea of fashion and style should amplify your life and not cause you any more stress or problems, it’s good to treat yourself every once in a while, I tend to buy a great piece at least every quarter of the year and so should you, try and sway more towards clothes with substance rather than buying for the badge.


The one thing I have always invested in is great shirts, especially crisp white, something that every man needs a few of in his wardrobe. Once I found my brand and fit, I have kept with it, Circle of Gentlemen for me are the best shirts in the world and any other customer or fan of the brand will also know that. Of course it all comes down to personal preference but like I say, find your brand, fit and stick to it.


Personally I am obsessed with good fragrances especially strong masculine scents like Amber by Laboratory Perfumes for example, or anything with scents of leather, saffron and suede. I do not believe that less is more as I have discovered my scent. I tend to usually soak my clothes and person in it everyday and it is doesn’t go unnoticed by friends or clients, therefore be generous with it.


Of course every great shirt needs a great jacket to top it off right? We pride ourselves on our collection, From traditional constructed suit jackets to a relaxed cotton blazer, it all depends on what you want, Personally I like to be gently held in, a strong shoulder and a generous lapel, if you feel comfortable and confident then looking great will come naturally.


The cashmere overcoat, the suede or leather jacket every guy has one or wants one, the jacket you feel great in and the one you wear everywhere, I have bought a handful of them over the years, like a great watch or suit it will be something that you invest a lot money into for the shear feeling you get when you put it on, buy something classic and it will last you forever, trust me.

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  • Brilliant advise – Thank you Travis!