Mr Stitch talks about the evolution of the new formal. It’s a time to re-think what looks smart on men, and taking a step back from the current movement of traditional structured suits & tailoring.

“Like a lot of men when it comes to fashion we are creatures of habit, and change for some can be a step too far. As comfortable as it feels to repeat what has worked in the past, we all run the risk of gradually becoming dated and our attire looking unconsidered and predictable.”

“Updates and changes to seasonal trends at Mr & Mrs Stitch don’t always have to be radical. Over the next few weeks I will walk you through what’s new for SS20. Showing you the subtle changes that can be made to your classic staples” – Mr Stitch


A more relaxed approach to the new “formal”. Soft, unstructured fabric, clean suede, leather sneakers and loosely tailored trousers & jackets are the modern alternative.

As we entered 2020, we were already on the road to change, with many industries relaxing their dress code and settling in to the realm of the creative. Looking more approachable and keeping your distance from the power suits, high collared shirts and tight structured blazers. As much as we have enjoyed ourselves wearing this look, it is now nearly 15 years from its beginnings as the go-to look for men in mainstream fashion. It originally took its roots from The City of London, with the edgier suburbs of Hoxton and Shoreditch now leading the trend. They were the first to cultivate the New Formal.


  • BARENA – Dogtooth Linen Relaxed Blazer – CLICK TO SHOP
  • BARENA – Dogtooth Linen Relaxed Trouser – CLICK TO SHOP
  • GRENSON – Suede Sneaker 22 in beige – CLICK TO SHOP
  • THOMAS MAINE – Navy Merino T-shirt (alternative to the polo featured) – CLICK TO SHOP

Contemporary designer Barena, alongside Oliver Spencer and Circolo 1901, mimics the qualities of traditional workwear with a modern aesthetic. Precise tailoring, exquisite fabrics, attention to detail and confident versatility. With this relaxed matching jacket and trouser (Not a suit … but still a suit) you look authoritative yet approachable. This is the beauty of the new formal.

With close attention to detail, notice how soft the shoulder is on this relaxed blazer. In a woven dogtooth pattern, it is crafted in 100% linen and offers a light tactile way to incorporate a heritage look into the everyday edit.

We have paired this look with a fine navy merino polo by Thomas Maine a change from the norm. Shirting is still very important, but we would recommend looking for softer shirts, with smaller collars and less in the way of bright contrasts on the inside plackets and trims.


What used to be a wardrobe staple has now been eclipsed by the popularity of the clean leather sneaker. Grenson, one of the world’s most famous traditional leather brogue manufactures prides itself on 80% of their global sales emerging from their collection of clean hand welted sneakers.

On this occasion we see the beige sneaker 22 in calf suede teamed with this relaxed linen suit. Don’t be afraid of the change, as the sneaker brings more comfort and helps make the form look less formal.


Join us next week for the next instalment of THE NEW TENDS – by MR STITCH. And please feel free to comment below.

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