Thomas Maine

As one of our two principal shirts brands here at Mr & Mrs Stitch, Thomas Maine is a favourite amongst those seeking a shirt for both work and leisure. The brand continually expands the boundaries of possibility through an unequalled expertise in the craft of shirt making.

Thomas Maine as a brand began relatively recently in 2007 but the production of every shirt is underpinned by the grounding of a team with almost five decades of experience in fabricating quality, inimitable shirts.

This extensive and boundless knowledge extends to every aspect of the company- from design to marketing. It is testament to the passion and enthusiasm of the designer, as well as the business acumen, that the brand has witnessed such a sharp, exponential rise in such a limited time.

Thomas Maine’s proficiency lies in their ability to execute a style that is apt for the vigorous lifestyle of the contemporary male but possesses the elegance of quintessential tailoring. The allure of the brand also lies in a pricing that is affordable, ensuring a suave and sophisticated look is within the grasp of every customer.

The philosophy of Thomas Maine to blend the leading aspects of modern tailoring with classic style is visible on the light blue cotton button-down shirt. Smart but stylish, this strength of this shirt lies in it’s versatility and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Display of Thomas Maine light blue cotton down shirt



























The changing fashion of the office and modern business is increasingly casual and the blue pinstripe shirt from Thomas Maine marks the perfect balance between informality and tradition.

Display of Thomas Maine pinstripe shirt



























Thomas Maine are also sure to cater for those seeking something a little more playful and the blue modern Kent triangle print shirt will undoubtedly appeal. Elegant but uncomplicated, suave but leisurely, this shirt is crafted in liberty fabric for a supremely comfortable fit and pleasurable wearing experience.

Display of Thomas Maine shirt on sale now at Mr & Mrs stitch



























To shop our full collection of Thomas Maine, visit us at Rio Brazil in Victoria Square or shop online at Mr & Mrs Stitch.

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