All New From Edwin

About Edwin

Edwin are known for their stunning craftwork in the denim department, and here at Mr & Mrs Stitch, we are big fans of their superior quality denim. However, for the coming season we wanted to showcase more from the Edwin repertoire. We are bringing back everyone’s favourite Japanese influenced brand and restocking some of their most recognisable basics and a few fun newcomers. .

The Graphic Tees

Edwin has their own Music Channel, which has a new set of official merchandise including their short-sleeve tees adorned with the EMC psychedelic amphibian. The graphic has a lot of Japanese anime influences, along with a few other t-shirts we have stocked, including the whimsical Rules of Bowing t-shirt and the Shogi t-shirt.

The Japanese Sun Collection

The Japanese Sun collection all features the print of the Japanese red sun on the breast. A great way to bulk out your daily essentials with something a little more special, the t-shirt and sweatshirt collection is created in neutral tones of black, white, navy and beige.

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