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Display of Thomas Maine logo 10/08/2019

Thomas Maine

As one of our two principal shirts brands here at Mr & Mrs Stitch, Thomas Maine is a favourite amongst those seeking a shirt for both work and leisure. The brand continually expands the boundaries of possibility through an unequalled expertise in the craft of shirt making. Thomas Maine as a brand began relatively recently in 2007 but the production of every shirt is underpinned by the grounding of a team with almost five decades of experience in fabricating quality, inimitable shirts. This extensive and boundless knowledge extends to every... Read More

Display of Jacob Cohen brown jean logo 10/08/2019

Jacob Cohen

In the sphere of fashion there are innumerable designers who proclaim to be purveyors of quality but there is no brand that is quite so synonymous with excellence than Jacob Cohen. It is a testament to the calibre of the denim that the jean is one of the most sought after here at Mr & Mrs Stitch. 1985 marks the year of conception of this revered brand but the genesis of Jacob Cohen as a truly deluxe brand arrived in 2003. It was then that Nicola Bardelle, son of original... Read More

Display of Paul Smith logo 09/08/2019

Paul Smith

It is seldom that one write with clarity that they are discussing one of the world’s foremost fashion designers but Paul Smith’s gargantuan standing within the industry is undisputed, with his stature incurred through the production of consistently exquisite designs and timeless tailoring. 1970 is a year of particular resonance for the brand as it marks the inceptive period of Paul Smith’s history. Smith established his first boutique in Nottingham and emerged as a designer with a distinctive stylish quirk. The store was further distinguished as a premier retail location... Read More

Model wearing Napapirji navy rainforest anorak 09/08/2019

Napapriji Autumn/Winter 19

What can be deemed fashionable is very often dictated by presumed norms but Napapirji exemplifies that clothing inspired by the outdoors can be equally as stylish as their more elegant counterparts. This is not a fact that is lost on us at Mr & Mrs Stitch and Napapirji has developed a loyal following amongst our customers. Napapirji has an inherent authenticity that is the product of an outdoor heritage and reflects the brand’s unique conception in the shadow of Mont Blanc, in 1987, amongst the dauntless expeditioners of the time.... Read More

cotch & Soda display from store 09/08/2019

Scotch & Soda

Here at Mr & Mrs Stitch we always ensure that our selection is always updated with the latest fashion and chic designers. One such brand is the Dutch designer Scotch & Soda which has grown to become one of the staple brands of our offering, proving to be exceptionally popular amongst our customers. For those who have visited Amsterdam, the city from which Scotch hails, you will be aware of the insouciant ambiance of a city which is famed for it’s liberal values. It is apt then that Scotch depicts... Read More

David Beckham Kent And Curwen pink jumper 13/02/2019

Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 19

Such was the popularity of our inaugural Kent & Curwen offering during Autumn/Winter 18, we are excited to introduce the Spring/Summer 19 collection online at Mr & Mrs Stitch. Kent & Curwen’s story began in 1926 as the company was initially established as a university outfitters which provided ties to high-level institutions and top-tier universities. The work of tie-maker Eric Kent and seamstress Dorothy Curwen did not go unnoticed as the company became a distinguished Saville Row brand. In recent years, the brand experienced a quiet period of time in the UK, but retained a... Read More


A.P.C – New for Mr Stitch

Here at Mr & Mrs Stitch we always seek to bring you the most distinguished brands and we are excited to introduce esteemed French brand A.P.C online! We’re sure you’ll love A.P.C’s subtle and understated designs just as much as we do! The beginnings of this storied brand can be traced to 1987 when famed founder and designer, Jean Touitou, embarked on a trip to Barcelona but unfortunately lost his luggage on the way. As Touitou searched for a quality jean to replace his stray luggage, he became increasingly dissatisfied... Read More


New York, New York!

This is a different kind of travel post than I am used to doing if I am honest. In the past when I have been away, I have blogged after the fact, it has mainly been focusing on what I wore or what I had packed.  I’m not even going to give you any real money saving tips either which is what most travel blogs are about.  I will be up front and let you know I didn’t pay for anything.  Ok, that is a lie, I paid for breakfast a couple of mornings... Read More


Do you want to build a snowman?

It’s a snow day! Or as close as Northern Ireland gets to a snow day! Schools have been closed (I am serious), traffic is at a stand still (don’t drive in the snow if you aren’t confident in it!) and people generally look like they are wrapping up to go out in a sub zero climate, myself included. My outfit today comprises of long sleeved top, blue shirt, blue jumper, parka jacket, tights, jeans, trainer socks and fluffy socks.  Not forgetting hat, scarf and gloves. Ok, I may have over... Read More


Moving Day

In the last blog post, I talked about change, fresh starts and moving forward. At Rio Brazil, we have taken this to heart. 2015 is going to be our year and we can’t wait to share it all with you. As of March, we are happy to announce that our fabulous Bradbury Place team will be moving. Where you might ask? To our newly renovated and extended, Wellington Place stores.  We can’t wait to have everyone on site at Rio Brazil HQ and to give you an even better bespoke... Read More