British Brand Takeover

All the Spring lines are beginning to filter in, and some of our most stylish new arrivals are reliably coming from the UK brands. UK fashion has really upped their game in recent years, making casual wear look more refined and effortlessly stylish. Brands are becoming more experimental with colours and print, while keeping the silhouettes relaxed, giving a more versatile wardrobe.

Wax London

Wax London is a workwear inspired brand, with sustainability at the heart of their crafting processes. Their style has been moulded by years of traditional English dressing, with a distinctly youthful edge. What is created is a wonderfully versatile fashion, that is accessible and easy to style. 

This year, Wax London has incorporated lighter pastels into the mix, with a pastel variation on their iconic Whiting shirt, and a floral watercolour print in pastel tones. We have also brought back a few of the Kurt trousers, known for their flattering, contemporary shape, in a few colours that are perfect for Spring/Summer dressing.

Perfect to be styled with other London brands, Wax London pieces are a great base to a Spring capsule wardrobe. 

Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer takes tailoring to a whole new level, with a relaxed aesthetic and modern colour choices, they prove that there is a space for tailoring in contemporary dress. The laid-back look embedded in their pieces makes them surprisingly versatile; able to be styled for any circumstance, from streetwear to smart dressing. 

For Spring 23, Oliver Spencer has mainly taken inspiration from the London artistic communities, and the melting pot of different aesthetics that usually attracts creatives. This collection pays homage to the artists and creatives of Notting Hill Gate from the 1970s, for their vibrant expression and multicultural inclusion. Rather than being purely workwear inspired, the Spring 23 collection feels looser than their pervious collections. Showcasing a mostly neutral colour pallet allowing more versatility, and pairing them with rich ochre and rust tones, and deep blue denim for depth.

Universal Works

Like other British designers, Universal Works is steeped in British heritage, and has evolved their style through their deep appreciation of subculture fashion movements. Their style feels equal parts contemporary and traditional, with a utilitarian vibe and relaxed silhouettes. The Universal Works ‘Baker’ jacket is fast gathering a cult status, becoming synonymous with the brand image of being in the liminal space between smart and casual dress.

For Spring/Summer 23, Universal Works has taken inspiration from sprawling American landscapes and the British coastline. Adding fun print and texture into their collection, there is an air of hazy summer days, sunny picnics, and warm walks on the beach emanating from the collection. The colour scheme is simple but bright, with pops of yellows and ochre running throughout, and white seersucker material being tantamount to summer outfits. 

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