Introducing Hayley Menzies

When designer Hayley Menzies launched her eponymous brand, she imbued it with so much character and personality, making her brand aesthetic so singular and authentic. Her ethos is to create pieces that will be seen as the ‘vintage of the future’, and with all the fun and colourful pieces she has been producing, you really believe her.

Bucking all the current trends, Hayley Menzies has taken inspiration from all she has been drawn to over her life, and has described herself as having a collector mindset, gathering styles and designs that feel both glamorous and wild.


For her Spring Summer collection, labelled ‘Memories of Utopia’, Hayley Menzies has created a line that is filled with joyful colours, fantastical creatures, and escapist landscapes. For those who crave travel and basking in all things beautiful, this collection has wonderfully captured the heart of an explorer and charming childlike wonder. A running theme in the collection is the animal motifs that are inspired by a painting from the 19080’s that is usually gifted after a safari, which depicts native animals on the Maasai Mara reserve. 

Memories of Utopia

The collection is also a celebration of traditional craftsmanship and artisanal communities, showcasing various traditional techniques and handiwork. The pieces also feature organic matter from the communities, such as wooden beads, rope details and hand beaded designs. A lot of the collection has exquisite free flowing silhouettes, which brilliantly match the wonderer aesthetic of the collection, while also being extremely wearable and practical.

At Mr & Mrs Stitch we are truly obsessed with the new brand addition. Hayley Menzies is beautiful styled with some of our other brands such as Veja, Rails, Paige, Hoff, Stine Goya… and maybe a few more additions coming soon!

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