Introducing Rains

Rains bag details

In our aim to have more environmentally responsible brands on our website, we have begun stocking the brand Rains, and if we’re completely honest there is only one word to describe them: cool. There is nothing better than a brand that is effortlessly stylish and strives for a better sustainable framework.

Rains bag hardware details

The Aesthetic

Rains is an outwear and lifestyle that believes that form and function should always go hand-in-hand, explaining their modern and utilitarian style. Their fabric choice is for optimised usage no matter the weather, so they are fully waterproof, and their fastening are designed to work flawlessly during wet conditions. Their colour selection is also for practical use, as they are easily styled and have a great timelessness to them.

Rains logo on silver coins

Environmental Commitment

Rains started off their product production by deciding to create items that were durable and built to last; and therefore, creating less waste. They then looked at their materials and chose a PU coating on their products as it better for the environment compared to its alternatives like PVC. They have begun using recycled polyester in their production and aim for all their products to be made from recycled polyester in the future.

Model wearing a Rains coat


We are excited to be carrying some of their outerwear, which are comfortable, stylish, and practical. The two coats we have are in their iconic Silver Pine colour, which is so unique, and we are nothing less than obsessed. 

Rains MSN bag in shade Cement

The Bags

We are also thrilled with the selection of bags we have in stock, which range from tiny crossbodies to weekend bags. Each bag has an interesting shape, with their neo-Scandinavian aesthetic and utilitarian vibe. Rains are great with designing bags that will stand the test of time and will never go out of style.

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