Kardo items you need now

Who is Kardo?

Kardo first established in 2013 and designed in New Delhi, India and pride themselves on fair pay for their workers providing them with comfortable and safe working environment. Their goal in the fashion industry is to slow thing down and focus on the small details of menswear. Kardo was inspired by their traditional work – wear and tailoring.

Discover the Kardo summer 23 Collection

This years SS collection has been labelled “Friendship”. The collection name is a recognition and celebration of all the support for the brand from the textile artisans, tailors, Independent shops and more than all the loyal customers. The collection is inspired by a traditional gesture of tying thread around the wrist as symbolic gesture of unity, using hand spun and natural dyed cotton printing unique asymmetric patterns and colours is their way of saying thank you to the Kardo community for all their support throughout the years.

What pieces does Mr Stitch have to Offer?

Here at Mr and Mrs Stitch HQ Mr stitch has brought a variety of shirts, jackets and a special long edition long shirt made exclusively for our range. Some examples include the Hugh 2-button blazer crafted with premium cotton featuring a zip fastening, a special edition long sleeve rice stitch shirt featuring a rice stitch pattern and a Shinto Shobori shirt, all three of which feature an asymmetric patterned design. To see the full range of designer summer shirts available on MrandMrsStitch.com.

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