Mrs Stitch’s Summer Styles

Greek Archaic Kori Holiday Image

Summer has finally arrived, and despite our deep love of winter fashion, we have never been more ready bid chunky knitwear a hearty farewell. The sun has come out, and with our eyes firmly fixed on our next holiday plans, we are emphatically making up for the last two summers when we were stuck indoors by hopping on the dopamine dressing trend, with a laid-back edge. So here is a roundup of all the styles following us into the sunset this season.

We are loving the relaxed aesthetic this season, where as a society we have all collectively decided not to sweat the small stuff and have been dressing in all things comfortable. In the spirit of the rampant trend of dopamine dressing, the style we’re going for this season at Mr & Mrs Stitch is the laid-back silhouette doused in bold colours and interesting patterns.

Stella Nova Red Broiderie Dress

Bright colours

This season’s widespread trend is ‘dopamine dressing’, making bright colours all everyone wants to wear, for the massive boost of serotonin it seems to impart. Even though pastel colours are seen from time to time, this season is all about colours that pack a punch. 

Summer Dresses

This season has seen a resurgence of hyper feminine clothing, and we are loving it! Watch me wear flowy dress after flowy dress every time the sun peeks its head past the clouds. There is also nothing easier than packing multiple dresses for your holiday; an all-in-one ensemble taking all the hassle out of pre-planning every outfit. Stella Nova is a great choice for flowy dresses with an element of quirky design, and Greek Archaic Kori is a firm favourite for cute dresses with an Aegean vibe.

ottodame cherry print dress

The biggest trend this season is wearing fun bright colours, go for an option with a pattern for a bit more quirkiness. Colourful dresses are easy to style with a neutral-coloured pair of shoes. Go for a pair of trainers if you are after a more casual look, or with some heeled sandals for a more upscale look.

Dream qualara dress

Even though this season is all about bright colours, there will never be anything more perfect than a tiny white dress when on holiday. Choose a flowy style this summer, like this dress from Dream, and pair with some colourful espadrilles.  

Idano Maxi floral dress

Styling for summer doesn’t mean that maxi dresses are out. Go for a maxi dress made of lighter materials with strappy sleeves and a flowy shape. This option from Idano has a great colourful pattern and is great styled with some sandals.

The Oversized Top

Keeping with the relaxed vibe we’re going for this summer, most of the tops we like wearing are either a relaxed or wide fit, while still being cute. They are also great since you would be able to incorporate them into your wardrobe when you are home. We are loving the loose-fitting tops from Greek Archaic Kori and Stella Nova, which have a great holiday vibe to them. Pair your oversized tops with some denim shorts or go for some colourful shorts for a quirkier option.

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