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A year on from our first collaboration with Corridor, they are back at Mr & Mrs Stitch, with a collection perfectly exhibiting the mood at this time of year.

Corridor believes in consciously creating clothes that ooze good energy, which is evident with their latest line; you really get the sense that the collection was created with warmth and soul, as though the line was crafted though a nostalgic sepia toned lens. 

If you are newly incorporating colour into your wardrobe, this collection is the perfect way to start, with muted tones that are easy to style. This year, the collection is filled with relaxed silhouettes to ease us into the coming season, and contemporary prints that will add variety to any wardrobe. 

How To Wear Corridor NYC

The pieces Mr & Mrs Stitch have selected to carry from Corridor NYC, can all be used as the statement piece in your ensemble; all either having an interesting colour scheme, or an interesting print. Mr & Mrs Stitch also have you covered for the unpredictable weather, with a collection that ranges from short sleeved tees to chunky knitted jumpers, allowing you to wear these pieces well into autumn.

The pieces in this collection lean towards a more casual vibe but can be easily styled up to look dressier, for any occasion you may have.

Contours Short Sleeved Shirt

Short Sleeved Shirt

The casual shirts we have to offer have great versatility, since they can easily be paired with a pair of shorts and some trainers, for a refined weekend look during the warm weather, or under a blazer and with some chinos for an upscale date night look. Whichever shirt you choose, it is sure to be a piece worn multiple times, year on year.

Corridor Optic Alpaca Cardigan


The knitwear in this collection use playful colours and interesting patters, but also use chunkier yarns, adding to the nostalgic and vintage feel to the collection. These pieces are great way to prepare for the transitional weather, while adding a lot of personality into your look.

Corridor Linen Patchwork Blazer

The Blazer

No new season wardrobe is complete without a blazer, which will allow you to extend your outfit options to more formal events. It is also a great way of styling up your more basic options for a date-night option. The Corridor blazer is great for the season as it adds luxury, while still being crafted from linen, making it a more lightweight option.

Corridor is exclusively available at Mr & Mrs Stitch online, and in store at Rio Brazil, Belfast for Northern Ireland. Continue to explore our latest contemporary brands at Mr & Mrs Stitch.


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