New Season Stenströms

Stenströms Navy Corduroy shirt

Upgrading your new season wardrobe does not have to be complicated, Stenströms have curated a line of all the shirts you will need during the colder months, suitable for any occasion. The collection takes inspiration from Stenströms’ signature refined gentleman’s aesthetic and adds high quality fabrics and prints that are easily adapted for the cooler months.

The new Stenströms collection features a lot of cotton fabrics, often at a thicker density, keeping the shirts breathable and great for layering. The line has a few darker coloured shirts, which are perfect transitional pieces, adding more autumnal hues into your look. Look out for the Slimline 92 corduroy shirt, which is a must have from the collection, and is great styled up for formal occasions, or down with a pair of jeans. The Slimline 37 flannel shirt is another must-have from the collection, adding soft texture to your ensemble and a great way to mix it up with textures.

Stenströms and MMX are a match made in heaven, pain any of the Stenströms shirts with some MMX chinos, which add a refined look to any outfit, while still being wonderfully comfortable to wear. If you are going for a more smart-casual look, pair a Stenströms shirt with some Universal Works trousers, which still have an element of refinement to them, with a more relaxed aesthetic. To finish off the look, add an Oliver Spencer blazer to your outfit, or Wax London Whiting jacket for a more relaxed look.

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