New Year, New You?

2015, the Year of the sheep.  15 years since the potential dreaded computer crash of the millennium, 4 years since Wills and Kate got hitched, 20 years since Take That were a proper foursome and 27 years since I was born. 2015 is going to be a big year, I can feel it!  I have my first close friend getting married, which signals that everything is down hill from here, I have started a fabulous new job and I will probably by the end of the year, sell the first house I ever bought.  It all seems to be moving quite quickly though as my granny always says, she doesn’t know which goes quicker time or money?

So should you buy into this new year, new you stuff?  How many resolutions did you make and how many do you plan to keep? I read the other day that people buying gym memberships in January increases by 35-50% and by the 2nd week in February, the volume of people in the gym has decreased again by 80%. Is it worth it or are we all just kidding ourselves? The intention is there and I guess that is the one postive bit about it.

I do think people have the right idea when it comes to changing and bringing something fresh to the table in the new year.  It is a fresh start, a new page in a new chapter, a chance to make a change, the chance to grow as a person.  It’s not just about the fad diets or the detoxing, it is making a committment to change. Here are five ideas just to start with.


1) Try and spend more time with the family

Christmas is just over, your family drove you mad throughout the holidays, why would you want to spend more time with them? As annoying as your grandfather is fast asleep on the sofa snoring so loud you can’t hear Downton, as embarassing as your dad is and even though your mother nags you constantly, you are lucky to have them.

2) Set goals and achieve them.

If you want to get fit, get fit. If you want to lose weight, lose weight.  If you want to see the world, go see the world. Stop making excuses and just do it.

3) Stop comparing yourself to other people

It is so easy to do and most of us do it without even realising.  It gets you no where and puts unrealistic pressure on you.  No one is the same, no situation is the same and everyone is fighting a battle that you don’t get to see.

4) Don’t let work get in the way.

Don’t live to work, work to live. Don’t let it get in the way or stress you out too much.  It’s a way to pay for a living but don’t forget to live. Use your paycheck to do something different each month. A little adventure is always good for the soul.

5) Invest in a selfie stick

Dude, they are amazing!!!


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