Stine Goya Inside out

Stine Goya Brethel Dress

Are you in the mood to be dazzled? Stine Goya’s new collection is an autumn/winter dream come true. Their ‘Inside Out’ collection features a ton of strong silhouettes coupled with bold colour and creative design, this season’s drop is everything we could have wished for. This collection is filled with statement pieces that are easily adapted to your current wardrobe, and possibly some new firm favourites.

The Stine Goya collection features a lot of botanical patterns which have been slightly distorted, adding a great abstract style throughout the collection. Their floral prints all have a brilliant illustrative quality, and are paired with looser silhouettes, adding movement to your look. The Brethel dress is a great statement piece for the new season, with dynamic sleeves and a metallic pattern, this dress is great for any upcoming event. If you are interested in incorporating pattern in your daily wardrobe, the Ashley and Eddy tops have striking floral patterns and are easily styled with high waisted trousers. If you are looking for a statement piece that you can wear all throughout autumn and winter, the Breanna coat is easily styled over any outfit, and will undoubtably keep you warm through the colder months.

When styling the tops from Stine Goya, try pairing them with Raffaello Rossi trousers, a great way to add some refinement to a look while keeping comfortable, or if going for a more casual look, pair them with some Paige jeans. Style the Stine Goya Breanna coat over a colourful Ottod’ame outfit and with some Patrizia Bonfanti boots. 

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