Do you want to build a snowman?

It’s a snow day! Or as close as Northern Ireland gets to a snow day! Schools have been closed (I am serious), traffic is at a stand still (don’t drive in the snow if you aren’t confident in it!) and people generally look like they are wrapping up to go out in a sub zero climate, myself included. My outfit today comprises of long sleeved top, blue shirt, blue jumper, parka jacket, tights, jeans, trainer socks and fluffy socks.  Not forgetting hat, scarf and gloves. Ok, I may have over... Read More


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I read a headline the other day that stated “worst winter in Ireland for 5o years coming!” Now whether this ice age winter transpires is another matter entirely but if you haven’t noticed, it has become rather cold outside.  The problem with my wardrobe is that I always go for comfort and warmth.  If it passes for acceptably styled and I am warm then it will get worn no matter what. Anyone I speak to, they always say there is a part of their wardrobe that they feel is lacking,... Read More