Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Him

You probably don’t need me to tell you how hard buying presents for men can be sometimes, especially when they swear they don’t want anything, or genuinely don’t want anything, and you must use all your imagination and at times subtle sleuthing to figure out what they would like. So, let’s all take a collective deep breath and decide not to stress, because when it comes to a designer gift, we have you covered.

1- Luxury Knitwear

Is there anything better than getting comfy knitwear at Christmas? Yes there is… designer knitwear. A practical indulgence for the colder months, it’s a great way to spoil someone special with something they may not have thought of themselves. I would say go for something colourful or whimsical, which will give off more of an impact, but obviously if that isn’t their style then go for a luxury yarn, like merino wool. Norse Projects has great options which will feel luxe.

2- Designer Candle

Ah yes, the traditional gifting staple we can all rely on. Candles may at times feel like a bit of a cop-out gift, but when it’s Paul Smith, aesthetically gorgeous and heavenly scented, we’re pretty sure they will love it. These Candles have complex and interesting notes that aren’t just your run of the mill Christmas scents, but ones you will want around your home all year round.

3- Essential Stocking Fillers

For a smaller gift, or great stocking fillers, designer socks and boxers are a great way to just add a bit of luxury to the everyday, and they are items he will always need. Our Paul Smith socks are wonderfully comfortable, and colourful.

4- Designer Sneakers

A great gift if you know their style, since no matter how many trainers you have, a new pair is always exciting. For an iconic brand, go for some Paul Smith trainers, but for a contemporary style, the Hoff City Sneakers are hard to beat.

5- Designer Jacket

Jackets are a great gift for the fashionable friend or partner, as they give their whole wardrobe a lift. People re-wear their jackets a lot more than they would a top, so you’re gifting a great style piece they can enjoy throughout the year. This season’s Oliver Spencer jackets are a great choice as they suit a lot of people, and Universal Works are great for a unique contemporary style. 

6- Boots

A truly underrated gift in by opinion, boots are a great staple shoe for the winter, and something men tend to forget investing in. However, nothing gives those luxury feels like a pair of designer leather boots. Our new selection of Red Wing boots are the perfect addition to any shoe collection.

7- Luxury Coat

If you are looking to splurge on a great fashion gift for someone special, you can’t go wrong with a great coat. Adding designer quality to a staple piece that will be worn again and again is a great way to lift all his winter outfits. We love the brand RRD for classic and versatile styles that are easily incorporated to any wardrobe.  

8- Designer Backpack

For someone who is always on the go and taking a million things with them, you can’t go wrong with a Sandqvist bag. The ultimate understated and contemporary style backpack, Sandqvist bags are great for all occasions. 

9- Winter Accessories

We often don’t splurge on winter accessories when buying for yourself, which makes it exciting to get a cashmere scarf, or a merino wool hat at Christmas. Paul Smith has a few colourful scarf options that are still versatile, and Hestra have great luxury glove choices.

10- Winter Shirt

An item of clothing that will always be in demand, a winter shirt would make the perfect mid-tier present. Great for nights out or an evening meal, a winter shirt is a great item to have multiples of. We would recommend Portuguese Flannel which have a great brushed cotton texture, or a corduroy material that are warm and comfortable to wear.

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